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Beautiful Smiles With Straight Teeth

All dentists listed on this site must be registered to practice dentistry with AHPRA here in Australia. These dentists are very well trained and highly skilled individuals with further training in the various modern orthodontic technologies used today to quickly straighten crooked teeth.



Treatment with sequential aligners such as the Invisalign or Clear Correct systems, delivers simple, predictable and easy teeth straightening. With no changes required to how you clean your teeth or what you eat sequential aligner treatment is so much better that the old metal braces.



Tried and proven treatment accelerator devices such as the V-Pro 5 and the Carriere bite correction technologies means you can get your teeth straightened in half the time of traditional braces systems.


Modern Orthodontics


Your smile CAN be improved by straightening your crooked teeth! Say goodbye to covering up your smile or to not smiling at all because of the embarrassment you might feel due to having crooked teeth.

The most common reason why people do not smile for photographs or when in the company of others is because their teeth are crooked – which makes them too embarrassed to smile. This can often lead to a lack of confidence during job interviews and other critical times in one’s life. No matter what your age, straightening your crooked teeth may indeed be possible. Just make an appointment with a Fast Orthodontics dentist today for a free, no-obligation suitability assessment and quote. Explore the list of dentists below to find the closest one to you and request an appointment. If you cannot find one close to you, please send us an email from the Contact Us page, and we will help you find a dentist close to you who can straighten teeth quickly.

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