Southport Orthodontic Care

Fast Orthodontics of Southport Queensland uses today’s most state-of-the-art technologies available to orthodontists to straighten teeth faster and cheaper.

Do you lack confidence because of unfortunate dental issues? Do you run away from people when they pull out a camera and yell, “Say cheese!” Would you rather be the person taking the photo than the person posing for the picture?

At Fast Orthodontics, we understand your pain. And we want to help.

If you have been that person who refrains from showing your smile to people, or from exposing your mouth or teeth when you talk, then right now is the time you stop doing that. We are here to help give you back the self-esteem you’ve been missing, or the self-confidence you’ve always dreamed of having. Fast Orthodontics can help you achieve the smile you’ve always wanted. All YOU have to do is take the very first step and fill out our free online consultation to find out exactly how Fast Orthodontics can put that smile back where it belongs: on your face.

Fast Orthodontics exists because one dentist saw a need, and he was on a mission: to make sure every Australian had the opportunity to correct their smile issues. Katrine Benton of  is that dentist. Katrine Benton has spent his professional life making people smile, by giving them back their confidence and self-esteem. He realized that there are many people out there who desire the gorgeous, broad smiles that some people take for granted. He simply wanted to make sure that everyone be given the opportunity to have a smile, well, worth smiling about!

Come visit us in our beautiful Southport location, where we’ll be more than happy to walk you through the services we offer at prices you can afford. We have flexible payment options to suit most budgets, and we guarantee that you’ll know after your initial consultation what the best course of treatment for your particular situation will be. You deserve to have a beautiful smile, and Fast Orthodontics can make it happen. So come see our Southport dentists and you won’t be disappointed. Don’t pass up the opportunity to show people your biggest, most confident smile.

Whether you choose clear braces for a truly cosmetic appearance or opt to go with the more traditional metal braces, the outcome will be the same; your teeth will be straightened in much less time than with the traditional orthodontic technologies used by other dentists. Instead of wearing braces for years, you’ll have them off in no time, leaving you with straighter, more beautiful teeth—and a healthier mouth overall. You’ll notice a change in your appearance rather quickly, so be prepared to be pleasantly surprised at all the smiles you’ll start getting!

Fast Orthodontics uses today’s most state-of-the-art cosmetic orthodontic technologies to straighten teeth faster, cheaper, and without complications which can happen with some other orthodontist treatments. These amazing new technologies mean less pain and discomfort, and are less expensive when compared to traditional braces. Whether your teeth are gappy or crooked, or you’re missing teeth—ask us how we can give you back the confidence you’ve been missing at a lower cost then most orthodontists. You won’t regret it!

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