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Complete course of orthodontic treatment $5890
(conditions apply see below)

Super-fast teeth straightening with less pain, and discomfort and at a discounted rate. Your dream smile in under 12 month, yes its possible book a free consult today to discover how. Modern state-of-the-art technologies and treatment objectives are focused on improving smiles quickly, and can deliver amazingly fast results.

The modern “Sagittal First” orthodontic treatment protocol has revolutionised orthodontics by making it possible to treat most crooked teeth issues in around 12 months using the traditional metal braces or the no braces technologies.

This offer only applies to metal braces, if you would prefer the no braces treatment it will cost an additional $1500. We can fit you with the latest cosmetic braces technology to improve your smile and fix your bite problems too! Make a booking today for a free orthodontic consult to see which option is best for your individual needs.

With the no braces option gone are the days of being called ‘metal mouth’ and having to totally change your diet and how you chew so you do not knock the braces off. Gone are the days of having annoying wires and metal brackets that dig into your cheeks and gums. Say “hello” to Sequential Aligner Treatment, otherwise known as ‘Invisible Orthodontics’, if you’re considering the expensive Invisalign treatment, you owe it to yourself to get a quote for us, we use the same materials and methods as the Invisalign system but at a significantly less cost.

  • Offer ends 30 March 2018 or earlier if sold out
  • Offer limited to the first 15 patients
  • The a deposit of $3100 is required upon acceptance of the treatment plan, and $232.50/month over 12 months
  • Treatment will commence on or after Monday 2nd April 2018.
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  • dontic treatment with sequential aligner treatment (invisible orthodontics see patipatient ent education video), or with Fastbraces® metal braces
  • All orthodontic adjustment/review appointments
  • A Zendura® type retainer or fixed flat chain wire retainer at the end of treatment whichever is possible
  • Orthodontic X-rays required which will be bulk billed through Medicare
  • Gap Free dental exam (item number 011) and bitewing dental x-rays if required
  • Cost of emergency appointments such as replacement of loose orthodontic brackets or lost aligners
  • Cost of expansion appliance treatment if required, which usually costs about $800
  • Bite correction for overbite cases (Class II) which will cost an additional $400 using the Carriere® Class II correction device (see patient education video)
  • Bite correction for underbite cases (Class III) which will cost an additional $600 using the Carriere®  Class III correction device (see patient education video)