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Complete course of orthodontic treatment $5500
(conditions apply see below)

Straighten Your Teeth in Months, not Years! New orthodontic technologies deliver super-fast teeth straightening with less pain and discomfort. Traditional orthodontics often take 2-4 years or more to straighten crooked teeth; modern state-of-the-art technologies and treatment objectives are focused on improving smiles quickly, and can deliver amazingly fast results – often at less cost than old style orthodontics.

Super-fast teeth alignment (straightening) can be achieved with braces on your teeth or with our invisible orthodontic technologies. Gone are the days of being called ‘metal mouth’ and having to totally change your diet and how you chew so you do not knock the braces off. Gone are the days of having annoying wires and metal brackets that dig into your cheeks and gums. Say “hello” to sequential aligner treatment, otherwise known as ‘Invisible Orthodontics’.

  • Offer ends 30 Sept 2017 or earlier if sold out
  • Offer limited to the first 10 patients
  • 50% deposit on treatment is required at the commencement of treatment and the balance via an interest free payment plan.
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  • Complete course of orthodontic treatment with sequential aligner treatment (invisible orthodontics see patient education video), or with Carriere® metal braces
  • All orthodontic adjustment/review appointments
  • A Zendura® type retainer or fixed flat chain wire retainer at the end of treatment whichever is possible
  • Orthodontic X-rays required which will be bulk billed through Medicare
  • Gap Free dental exam (item number 011) and bitewing dental x-rays if required
  • Cost of emergency appointments such as replacement of loose orthodontic brackets or lost aligners
  • Cost of expansion appliance treatment if required, which usually costs about $1200
  • Bite correction for overbite cases (Class II) which will cost $800 using the Carriere® Class II correction device
    (see patient education video)
  • Bite correction for underbite cases (Class III) which will cost $800 using the Carriere®  Class III correction device
    (see patient education video)
  • Bite correction for posterior crossbite cases which will cost $800